US Military Housing in YangmingshanIn order to preserve the environmental and historical landscape of Yangmingshan, we have set up the Yangmingshan Enviromental Ethics Association. We want to bring attention to the environment, historical culture, and architecture of this area, and prevent the dangers of traffic congestion and pollution of water resources. The old homes and trees in this mountain forest are part of both this and next generation’s natural balance and cultural backdrop. Any kind of development would directly impact the living quality of the Shilin, Tianmu, Beitou area.

Additionally, the area is located within the Datun Volcanic Range, a potential World Heritage Site. Considering the activity of the Pacific Ring of Fire, we should deepen our considerations of national land management and protection, and protective regulations for the entire country’s sustainable development.

The management of the Bank of Taiwan, in considering the disposal of old American military homes at Shanzaihou on Yangmingshan, have taken monetary considerations first. We citizens can understand and respect that, but we can’t identify with the last twenty years of unestimable loss due to a national property development model that avoided historical significance and did not preserve the original appearance of these homes. The bank has refused to rent these old properties and instead leaves them in disrepair, and then demolishes and rebuilds in batches. We can’t remain indifferent to this mean-hearted bureaucratic attitude.

However, the Bank of Taiwan is not our enemy. The management of the Bank of Taiwan is just like use. They can also be moved by nature and beauty. On befalf of the dilapidated old homes and their cries, we issue the following appeal to our friends in the Bank of Taiwan:

Please work with us to protect the mountain forests and ecosystem. Set a benchmark for a state-owned enterprise. Because the Shanzaihou complex will be offered to a BOT contractor in June 2011, our efforts at preservation brook no delay. In the interest of preserving history, we are currently collecting and recording information. Our work is history for the sake of history. A sustainable inheritance is the only way. If our good works have an influence on you, the area’s original appearance will be preserved and you will be well-regarded for your contributions to historical heritage.